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다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은?

 Ever since Assyriologists, who specialize in translating Mesopotamian cuneiform documents, mostly in the form of clay tablets, first began to read Neo-Babylonian records excavated in the late nineteenth century, Nabonidus has stood out as an unusual ruler. According to the Book of Daniel, the king leaves Babylon to live in the wilderness for seven years. This depiction overlaps somewhat with Nabonidus’ own inscriptions, in which he emphasizes that he was an especially pious man who paid heed to dreams as the divine messages of the gods. Nabonidus was also infamous in antiquity for abandoning Babylon for 10 years to live in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, where he established a kind of shadow capital at the oasis of Tayma. This was a                                  move for a Mesopotamian ruler.

*Assyriologist 아시리아(서남 아시아의 고대 제국) 학자


① bright and happy
② strange and unprecedented
③ unusual and sad
④ incoherent and incomprehensible
⑤ mythical and prosperous


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원문 : The Last King of Babylon

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