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Blythe에 관한 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은?

 Blythe is a fashion doll that her head is about the size of a grapefruit with slender body. She always dress up with clothes especially made for her. When you pull the string at the back of her head, her eye colors and eye direction will change and this changes her face expression totally. When her eye color and direction change, she looks almost like a different doll. Blythe is very popular from her high fashion sense, which makes her become a presenter or model for many magazines or advertising. Women from all around the world love Blythe because Blythe fashion always reflects the fashion trend at the moment.


① Blythe는 패션인형이다.
② Blythe 머리 뒤 끈을 당기면 얼굴이 바뀐다.
③ 많은 패션 잡지나 광고에서 Blythe를 모델로 사용한다.
④ Blythe의 패션은 트렌드를 반영한다.
⑤ 전 세계의 여성들은 Blythe를 사랑한다.


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